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Home Loans

Loan Valet

First Federal Savings Bank offers a wide variety of home loan programs to meet the needs of every customer. 

We offer the latest technology with our LOAN VALET Virtual Loan Assistant  along with personal and professional service from our experienced Loan Officers.  With LOAN VALET, you can submit your application, provide and receive documents in a secure environment, eSign disclosures, and check the status of your file.  All of this is available 24/7, on your mobile device.  Click on the link to the left to visit our Virtual Loan Assistant.

Select from one of the options below to get more information on the products and programs we offer:

Click on one of the above loan options or contact us by E-mail—we look forward to hearing from you!

Home Purchase

First Federal Savings Bank offers a wide variety of home loan programs including conventional (fixed and adjustable rates), government (FHA/VA/USDA), First Time Buyer grants and programs, jumbo loans, and more.

Work with one of our experienced Loan Officers to compare programs and get prequalified. Our Loan Valet virtual loan assistant is your first step. Use our Quick App to begin your prequalification, or use the Request a Consultation feature to start a conversation with a Loan Officer.

Home Building

First Federal Savings Bank offers a single closing Construction/Permanent loan. You close on your construction loan and permanent financing all at the same time. One set of closing costs, one rate lock, and you are set for the life of your loan.

We know construction loans can be complex. That is why we have created an interactive web page to explain the process. We have included sample documents, FAQ's and more. Visit our Construction Lending guide.


Home Refinance

When is the right time to refinance your most valuable asset? Can you get a better interest rate? Are you able to borrow additional funds to do the home improvements you have been dreaming about? It is difficult to know the answers to these questions and determine if the time is right for you. Here are just a few reasons you may be thinking of refinancing:

  • Lower interest rate/shorten term
  • Borrow additional funds (cash out)
  • Consolidate debt
  • Change loan program (i.e. ARM to fixed rate)

At First Federal Savings Bank, our experienced and professional Loan Officers can help you "do the math"! We will help you crunch the numbers to determine how much money you can save both in monthly payments and throughout the life of your mortgage. We have a wide variety of loan programs to find the loan that is right for you.

Contact our branch near you or E-mail us —we look forward to hearing from you!

Home Equity/2nd Mortgage

When you would like to take advantage of your home's increasing value to help you reach your goals, a Home Equity Line of Credit or a Closed End 2nd Mortgage may be the loan that meets your needs. These quick and convenient programs can be used for just about anything including: home improvements, education, vacations, debt consolidation, and investments just to name a few!

Depending on your individual needs, you may prefer one product or the other. Which one is best for you? Use the table below to find out:

Home Equity Line of Credit (Variable Rate)
What it offersWhy you may choose this service


  • Draw loan funds by simply writing a check
  • Low minimum payment only on the amount drawn
  • Funds can be used/reused similar to a credit card
If you do not need all of the loan funds immediately or if you would like to be able to reuse the funds after you have repaid them. Great for "emergencies" like an unexpected major purchase-IT'S AS EASY AS WRITING A CHECK!
Closed-end 2nd Mortgage (Fixed Equity Loan)
What it offersWhy you may choose this service

  • Fixed payment amount for a set repayment term
  • Fixed repayment terms with various repayment periods
  • Low fixed interest rate set for the life of the loan
If you know you need an exact amount of money and the stability of a set payment every month. Loan repayment term can be "tailored" to your budget by choosing the term that meets your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: A Home Equity Line of Credit or a Closed End 2nd Mortgage may have tax benefits. Contact your tax advisor for more information on these benefits.

For more information, Contact our branch near you or E-mail us —we look forward to hearing from you